A safe and nurturing space to build your confidence and skills

We're dedicated to offering safe and nurturing spaces for people experiencing mental health difficulties to build confidence and skills, and to find support and growth through our café, horticultural and craft activities.
Our two projects are based in Manor Garden Centre, Swindon…

More about The Recovery Tree Charity
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Who are The Recovery Tree Charity?

We are based in Cheney Manor Swindon, and through the Olive Tree Café and TWIGS Community Gardens, as well as other local partnership projects, we are dedicated to providing the support that people experiencing mental health difficulties need to live their best lives. We also provide them with a voice through our work with local government and voluntary sector partners.

Graham Wiltshire
Cafe customer

“...it’s great to see people blossom as they gain confidence to take orders, serve at a table and take on cooking skills. It’s a calm environment and has a lovely outside area for spring and summer, and every now and then a piano player provides a lovely musical backdrop.”

Olive Tree Cafe service user

“I wake up on Mondays and know my life is a lot happier and healthier, knowing that I am spending my time giving, and getting back so much. My life would be empty without it!”

Adam Rose
New College Foundation Learning Lecturer and Job Coach

"The environment within Olive Tree Cafe was perfect for our students and the feedback from staff was supportive and encouraging. The team dynamic and bond within Olive Tree was so strong and despite the students being new, they were welcomed in from the get-go."

TWIGS garden visitor

“TWIGS to me is the most beautiful garden in Swindon! Stunning, inspiring and uplifting.”

TWIGS garden visitor

“A wonderful place, leaving us with so many rich memories – trees, flowers, water, bees, leaves, so much meaning – created so beautifully.”

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Upcoming events

The Olive Tree Café (based in Manor Garden Centre) offers more than just delicious food and beverages!  It’s a hub for social interaction and relaxation. We provide work-related opportunities for our service users in a whole host of different roles and the café is open to the general public as well as organised groups.

Olive Tree Cafe

A hidden jewel in Swindon, TWIGS Community Gardens offer beautiful and vibrant spaces for community, contemplation, shared learning and growth. As well as providing welcoming and inclusive environments for people experiencing mental health difficulties, the gardens are open to visitors throughout the year.

TWIGS Community Gardens