About The Recovery Tree Charity

Our mission

We help people experiencing mental health difficulties to cultivate meaningful connections, build inner strength and develop the personal tools to lead fulfilling and satisfying lives. We like to think that our presence, our pride in who we are, and what we do, will mean we are doing our part to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

TWIGS service user

How we help

We provide opportunities to build skills and confidence, to make connections and to achieve personal goals. We work with others to represent people’s needs and campaign on issues of importance.

TWIGS service user
Gain confidence

We believe that every small step taken contributes to personal growth. Our supportive environment and tranquil spaces enable our service users to discover their inner strengths and potential.

Learning a new skill
Learn new skills

Individuals can explore and develop new skills through our café, horticultural and craft activities. Whether through cookery, gardening or creating art, we help sow the seeds of personal growth and continuous learning.

Kitchen work experience
Gain valuable work experience

Our supportive and nurturing spaces enable individuals to gain valuable work experience, suited to their personal needs and goals, laying the foundations for their next steps in life.

Therapeutic activity at TWIGS
Participate in therapeutic activities

Our therapeutic activities offer opportunities to find renewed purpose and to embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, cultivating a brighter and more resilient future.

Our team

Our dedicated team of trustees and staff work tirelessly to ensure that our goals become reality.

Phyllida Richards

Appointed 2011

Alan Holland

Appointed 1997

Dick Millard

Appointed 2012

Joanna Ridley

Appointed 2019

Gillian Barber

Appointed 2011

Kenny Baxter

Appointed 2022

Cara Hiscock

Appointed 2023

Partners and supporters

Much of what we do is reliant upon donations or grant funding and our work is made possible by the generosity of our partners and supporters, so every penny counts. From individual donations by members of the public to the ongoing commitment of grant making organisations, every contribution plays an essential role in allowing our work to continue. Below are just some of the organisations committed to our mission.

The Edward Gostling Foundation
Julia and Hans Rausing Trust
Lloyds Bank Foundation
Sarah Raven
Wiltshire Community Foundation
Zurich Community Trust
Friends of TWIGS

TWIGS service user

“I’ve started to gain confidence and feel better. Attending TWIGS has been a major part of this, to the point that I felt ready to start a small part-time job, and to my astonishmentI got the job on my first try! I dearly love coming to TWIGS and it has been such a wonderful help to me.”

Adam Rose
New College Foundation Learning Lecturer and Job Coach

"The environment within Olive Tree Cafe was perfect for our students and the feedback from staff was supportive and encouraging. The team dynamic and bond within Olive Tree was so strong and despite the students being new, they were welcomed in from the get-go."

Graham Wiltshire
Cafe customer

“...it’s great to see people blossom as they gain confidence to take orders, serve at a table and take on cooking skills. It’s a calm environment and has a lovely outside area for spring and summer, and every now and then a piano player provides a lovely musical backdrop.”

TWIGS garden visitor

“TWIGS to me is the most beautiful garden in Swindon! Stunning, inspiring and uplifting.”

Phyllida Richards
Olive Tree Cafe Manager

“Here’s why we do this. Recently, one of our volunteers came in for coffee with a friend. The next day she was volunteering, and told me that as she was driving home at the end of the day she had a glimpse of ‘what a sense of belonging might feel like’ – she had never had that growing up, or in her work life… although she had provided that for many others.”

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The Olive Tree Café (based in Manor Garden Centre) offers more than just delicious food and beverages!  It’s a hub for social interaction and relaxation. We provide work-related opportunities for our service users in a whole host of different roles and the café is open to the general public as well as organised groups.

Olive Tree Cafe

A hidden jewel in Swindon, TWIGS Community Gardens offer beautiful and vibrant spaces for community, contemplation, shared learning and growth. As well as providing welcoming and inclusive environments for people experiencing mental health difficulties, the gardens are open to visitors throughout the year.

TWIGS Community Gardens

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and one of the team will respond as soon as possible. 

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