Hire our garden room

Whether for a business meeting or a social event, our garden room is available for hire and provides a space to share ideas, catch-up and relax. The room includes a children's area and seats up to 32 people.

We make a small charge to reserve the room for you, starting at £15 for community organisations or charities. Please book in advance so that we can organise the space and ensure that we have lots of lovely food and beverages available for you.

Garden room at the Olive Tree Cafe in Swindon

Graham Wiltshire
Cafe customer

“...it’s great to see people blossom as they gain confidence to take orders, serve at a table and take on cooking skills. It’s a calm environment and has a lovely outside area for spring and summer, and every now and then a piano player provides a lovely musical backdrop.”

Olive Tree Cafe service user

“I wake up on Mondays and know my life is a lot happier and healthier, knowing that I am spending my time giving, and getting back so much. My life would be empty without it!”

Adam Rose
New College Foundation Learning Lecturer and Job Coach

"The environment within Olive Tree Cafe was perfect for our students and the feedback from staff was supportive and encouraging. The team dynamic and bond within Olive Tree was so strong and despite the students being new, they were welcomed in from the get-go."

Phyllida Richards
Olive Tree Cafe Manager

“Here’s why we do this. Recently, one of our volunteers came in for coffee with a friend. The next day she was volunteering, and told me that as she was driving home at the end of the day she had a glimpse of ‘what a sense of belonging might feel like’ – she had never had that growing up, or in her work life… although she had provided that for many others.”

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Hire the garden room at the Olive Tree Cafe

If you have any questions about our garden room, please feel free to contact us and one of the cafe team will respond as soon as possible. 

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If you can, please let us know the date you'd like to hire and for how many people. One of the cafe team will respond as soon as possible. 

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