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The themed gardens are the main focus of the site. They have been evolving for more than 20 years, and still are. Wherever possible, art and sculpture have been incorporated to enhance the setting and showcase the creative abilities of people attending TWIGS.

In 2019 we were delighted to be awarded a Level 5 Outstanding award from Britain in Bloom.

The gardens are open to the public every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am to 3.30pm. No appointment is necessary, but a suggested donation of £2.00 per adult is requested - please put money in the donations box on entering the gates.

TWIGS garden visitors in Swindon
Opening times:

Visit every Mon, Wed & Fri:
10:00am - 03:30pm  
(Except bank holidays)

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An overview - literally!

Why not take a birds eye tour of our beautiful gardens!  We hope it will give you a taste of what TWIGS has to offer.

Our gardens

Our beautiful gardens, lovingly created and tended by TWIGS staff and volunteers, each have their own distinctive theme and history.

One of our earliest gardens, this was originally a series of four corner beds plus a central circular bed, all planted with a mix of traditional cottage garden shrubs, perennials and annuals to give a lively seasonal display. A traditional brick path and living willow hedge complemented the planting and two beautiful elder shrubs marked the far boundary of the garden.

The garden still retains the original cottage garden feel but with the addition of a few contemporary ideas, such as small artworks and willow sculptures hidden among the plants and a resident handmade chair. 

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This garden has arisen from our shared experiences with members of differing cultures. Through involvement with the Swindon Interfaith group we have brought together garden features which had relevance and meaning to several different faith groups.

Contributions for the garden come from Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Baha’I and Pagan faiths, though all faith groups are invited and encouraged to contribute. We hope the garden provides a space where all can dwell upon our spiritual nature.

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This garden is partly inspired by Japanese gardens but not all the plants used are from Japan. It was the first of the therapeutic garden spaces to be developed back in the summer of 1999 by a group of eight people.

A contemplative setting and easy to weed! The garden is only partially completed, the original gardeners having moved on. Feature trees include a wonderful Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ and a Ginkgo biloba which turns a beautiful buttery yellow in the autumn.

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With this space we wanted to tell people about our project and have developed a garden which not only reflects the ethos of TWIGS but captures the experience of mental illness.

The garden comprises a serpentine path symbolising the journey that people have to make from crisis to recovery.  As we move along the path the process of recovery is reflected in the choice of planting. The garden concludes with a circular pergola surrounded with lush yellow, green and white planting which people felt symbolised joy / peace / contentment. 

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Our physic garden is inspired by the ancient knowledge that particular herbs may be beneficial to us, not just for food but also for spiritual and emotional well-being. The garden includes many different herbs with healing properties for mind and body.  The design uses the powerful symbolism of a cross within a square, encompassed by a circle.

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This garden was initiated by one of our independent volunteers. The idea was to demonstrate how, with the right plant selection, one can readily create a productive garden which is also pleasing to the eye.

This garden, as with all the gardens at TWIGS, is ever evolving and provides a space for continuous experimentation. 

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The roundhouse is the concept of one and the work of many. The person who conceived the project went on to gain a degree in Art and now earns his living as an artist. Two years of ‘on the job learning’ has resulted in a rather special place.

A combination of the natural materials, sitting below the level of the earth and the resulting cool and stillness of the air give many people a sense of peace. This space gives us a glimpse of a life that was lived in direct contact with nature, something that our modern lifestyle is the poorer for having lost.

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The aim of this garden is to show people how they can create a wildlife friendly garden, where a balance is struck between the interests of the human gardeners and the wildlife they share their garden with.

It contains features attractive to wildlife and the planting is a mixture of native and cultivated plants chosen for their attractiveness to birds, butterflies, bees and humans. The garden uses recycled materials in its construction wherever possible and recycles its own waste via compost bins.

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We thought you might like to see some pictures of the Gardens in winter. Extreme weather is one of things which can mean the gardens are not able to open so please check with us before visiting if the weather is bad.

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TWIGS garden hire for function

You can also hire our gardens

If you would like to hire one or more of our gardens for a private function or activity, please contact us using the details in the contact section at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you provide us with the date of hire, as well as an overview of your function.

TWIGS garden visitor

“TWIGS to me is the most beautiful garden in Swindon! Stunning, inspiring and uplifting.”

TWIGS garden visitor

“A wonderful place, leaving us with so many rich memories – trees, flowers, water, bees, leaves, so much meaning – created so beautifully.”

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